Jonny, Stan, Bella

The colossal, streamlined shark sliced through the aqua water like a warm knife through butter. Its huge jaws opening showing ferocious, dagger like teeth, as it shot through the luminous dark blue, gaining speed on its terrified, innocent prey. The small in obnoxious  prey in trepidation fled, as the jet black shark sped through the historical sediment of the sea.

Olivia, James, Izzie R

The tall Emperor penguins huddled together in the freezing cold climates to survive the winter. The black and white, furry penguin waddled down the Icey hill, to reach its pack. After a rough day the penguins waddled slowly to the edge of the ice ready to dive into the fish filled sea.  

Tamzin, Grace, Alice

The elongated snake’s dagger like fangs plunged into the porcelain pale snow, hissing blaringly, its fetid breath lurked in the mist of the sky. Its flexible, legless body slithered along the surface of the opaque snow, colliding with an oversized, gnarled tree trunk. The frostbitten spider crawled across the ice-kissed branches, as the venomous snake pounced directly on the roof of its spindling legs, smearing its hazy blood across the randomised patterned snow, killing it in seconds…

Tallulah, Adam, Jamie, Shashank

As the shark’s large, crystallized teeth sunk (like daggers) into the flesh of a small, shimmering fish, blood streamed into the water like blackcurrant, the fish was dead. The fish’s last breath was taken, lost in depths of the murky water. Its small stomach nearly full, the shark was on search for its next victim, patrolling the sandy sea bed, watching, waiting.

Harrison, Izzy.T, Aleesha

 The venomous snake had huge sharp fangs, like daggers, which sink into its preys flesh. Its colossal, black body wraps around the preys innocent torso. Its malevolent, luminous green eyes glow in the darkness stalking its weary victim that lay on the floor helplessly gasping for its last breath.

Poppy, Liam and Lucy

The vicious, malevolent snake approached his prey sneakly. Its sharp, glistening fangs, which were as deadly as a sharp, wiry blade, pieced the rat’s skin in one bite. The camouflaged snake had the green, slithery snake had demolished all evidence of its prey. It’s slim, scaly body strangled the brown, hairy rat with a huge gulp. Hissing malificaly down the mossy, leafy soil, the eager snake made its way back to its natural habitat, where its next victim awaits…

Arabella, Bethan, Josh and Tristan

The colossal, vicious shark with razor sharp teeth like daggers, darted out of the old, mossy ship wreck. As it spotted a coral of neon, multi-coloured fish, it slowly approached them like a tiger stalking its prey. At the speed of light the killer sharks large jaws chomped down on the scared, nervous fish…
By: Arabella, Bethan, Josh and Tristan.