The life in Lytham by Jonathan

Hi there, I’m Jonathan (or Jonny). I’m 11 years old and I’m from Lytham Hall Park. I enjoy football, gaming, tennis, playing out with my friends and golf. Also my favourite subject is maths and science and my favourite foods are pizza, KFC, fish and chips, chicken, sweets and chocolates. Oh by the way, I live in Lytham, which is sweet! I play football on a day to day basis and play it on Saturdays for my team (I’m the team captain).

Lytham Hall Park and me

Hi, I am Alice and I am in year 6. My school is in the United Kingdom in Lytham St Annes. I am writing to you about Lytham and myself. Do you want to start in school or out? Let’s start with in school…

I personally think that our school is the best in Lancashire because…
.Our teachers our cool especially Mr Taylor our year 6 teacher, who likes Nandos. The other cool teachers are all equally the same but Mr Taylor stands out! Shall talk about our subjects? What about English!
English is my favourite subject of all subjects. I love my full stops. Would you like to go to get onto out side of school? Ok lets talk about my hobbies.My favourite sports are swimming, diving and running. Thanks for reading!

Living in Lytham by Sophie,Izzie and Adam

Hi this is Lytham Hall Park Primary School, Year 6 Park students speaking, we would like to tell you about our life in and out of school. The first thing we would like to tell you about is our life in school : our wonderful teachers like our teacher Mr Taylor and his best friend Nandos’ , but he’s not the only wonderful teacher there’re loads more! The school is brilliant with helping students learn how to read from a very young age! We personally think that reading is very good for us mentally and physically. Our favourite books are: Frozen Charlotte, Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy.

Leafy Lytham!!! Aleesha Bella

Have you ever been to Lytham?

Well…our school is in Lytham. Here we learn, we share and we grow our confidence. Our favourite subjects are: Art, Maths, English, French and much more. When we are out of school, Aleesha likes to dance at LAPA, which is a dance company. Bella likes to go and ice skate with her best friend Tallulah. Our school starts at 8:45a.m. and finishes at 3:30p.m. Lytham is mostly cold and rainy but we still enjoy our days at school. Sometimes in the summer we have warm days and weeks. Do you have nice weather?

Thank you for reading, Bella and Aleesha.