Sophie, Felix, Ella

Rolling around on the floor, the brown, vicious bear was biting the hard meat ferociously with nothing better to do. He got up and strolled over to a huge bees nest. Thumping its feet, the malevolent bear roared angrily at the bees, as he stole their juicy honey. Now, he was angry .Stomping through the thick woodland, pushing every little bush out of the way, the river came closer and the mad brown bear strode his way through the water sweating on the forehead. When finished his tantrum, its sharp colossal teeth and pointy claws ripped his weak prey and he slurped down the juicy insides.

Summer, Morgan, Joe

The sneaky snake, who slithered up a towering tree, had vicious fangs that could sink straight into the toughest flesh. Its scaly skin clutched its victim in a curly coil of death. Its hissing tongue had multiple thorns like daggers to rip up hard , lumbering bone. Its neon, malevolent eyes stared into the cowering souls of the albino mice. The weakened mouse took its final breath.

The life in Lytham by Jonathan

Hi there, I’m Jonathan (or Jonny). I’m 11 years old and I’m from Lytham Hall Park. I enjoy football, gaming, tennis, playing out with my friends and golf. Also my favourite subject is maths and science and my favourite foods are pizza, KFC, fish and chips, chicken, sweets and chocolates. Oh by the way, I live in Lytham, which is sweet! I play football on a day to day basis and play it on Saturdays for my team (I’m the team captain).